U.S. Small-business Owners Oppose New National Holiday to Commemorate September 11th

An overwhelming majority of small-business owners oppose instituting a new national holiday to commemorate the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks that killed thousands of U.S. citizens and destroyed New York’s World Trade Center, a new survey shows. The survey, conducted from August 15-30 on DollarDays.com, shows that:

  • 23% of small-business owners think September 11 should be a national holiday, while 74% oppose it.
  • 30% of small-business owners say they lose money on national holidays.
  • 20% say they close their businesses on all national holidays, while 76% don’t
  • 25% would be willing to assume the cost of closing their businesses for the day to commemorate the unprecedented terror attacks, but 71% are unwilling to lose money on another national holiday.

“Small-business owners are clearly unwilling to foot the bill for another national holiday,” said Marc Joseph, President of DollarDays. “While our survey is not scientific, it does point out the burdens faced by small-business owners in these tough economic times.”

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