Premier Internet Wholesaler Announces New Program to Empower Entrepreneurs

DollarDays, a premier Internet-based product wholesaler to small businesses and local distributors, unveiled a new program today designed to empower would-be entrepreneurs who want to open their own businesses. The new program, called DollarDays Independent Distributors (DDID), helps entrepreneurs open their own product wholesaler businesses on the Internet.

After paying an annual fee of $199, DollarDays’ professionals set up the independent distributor’s website, where the distributor’s business contacts can order DollarDays’ famous case-load quantities of supplies. Every time a customer orders, the distributor receives a commission of 5%. Based on yearly sales volume, commission earned can increase to as much as 15%.

“The Independent Distributorship program is aimed at self-starters who have always wanted to work for themselves but lack the thousands of dollars it takes to purchase a national franchise,” said Marc Joseph, DollarDays’ Chief Operating Officer. “DDID is a great way to test the waters and see if you are cut out to work for yourself,” Joseph said. “Many of our distributors work the DDID program as a second job until it grows enough to become a full-time job. And we are seeing more and more stay-at-home moms join DDID to generate extra income that doesn’t require them to leave their children and go to an office.”

DDID distributors get a personalized website with their company name on every page. DollarDays maintains the site, regularly updating product lines to reflect new product offerings and specials. Every customer who orders from your site also receives a free gift from DollarDays.

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