Grandmothers Also Primary Recipients of Mother’s Day Gifts

Small-business retailers say that grandmothers, not just mothers, are […] beneficiaries of Mother’s Day gifts, and most people buy their gifts the week before Mother’s Day, according to survey results released today by DollarDays.

DollarDays is a premier Internet-based product wholesaler to small businesses and local distributors. The poll was featured on [the company’s website] and gauged the Mother’s Day sales cycle for small businesses.

“The look of a traditional family is changing,” said Marc Joseph, CEO of DollarDays. “More and more people want to recognize those who have had an impact on their lives, regardless if their technical name matches the holiday.”

According to results, 43% of retailers say their customers will buy flowers for their mom or grandma, followed by cards (20%).

The survey also shows that most people buy their gifts in advance. More than half (53%) are buying Mother’s Day items one week in advance, compared to 6% that will buy the day of. In addition, 60% of retailers said Mother’s Day is a profitable holiday for their stores, although not as profitable as Christmas or Valentine’s Day.

Joseph adds, “While many consumers complain about celebrating these ‘Hallmark holidays,’ small businesses reap the rewards and so do our loved ones.”

This survey is part of an ongoing series of DollarDays questionnaires that gauge the attitude, opinion and general business conduct of small retailers nationwide.

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