“Obama’s the One,” Say Small-business Owners, Customers of DollarDays

“Our customers are small-business owners trying to stay afloat as the economy continues to recover. Given they’re a strong representation of hardworking middle-class Americans, we created an online presidential poll to see who they will vote for on Election Tuesday.

“As of this morning, 55% of the poll participants are hoping to see Obama in the White House for another term, while 42% are Romney hopefuls. That’s a significant gap and certainly says a lot about what hardworking Americans think is best for the country. There are many issues in this election that have a direct effect on small businesses, such as healthcare coverage, government regulation and taxes.

“Our customers live these issues every day, and this poll indicates they believe Obama is the one to best address these issues,” says Marc Joseph, President and CEO of DollarDays, a subsidiary of Americas Suppliers, Inc. (AASL), a premier Internet-based wholesaler to small businesses, nonprofits and local distributors.

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