Nominate a Small Business to Win in DollarDays’ $5,000 Giveaway

“If you know anything about DollarDays, the nation’s premier online wholesaler, then you know we are committed to the success of small businesses everywhere,” said DollarDays’ CEO, Marc Joseph. “This commitment is evident in a myriad of ways—from wholesale and closeout pricing on over 225,000 products to several online business opportunities to a monthly $5,000 merchandise giveaway. 

“Our country was settled by innovators and risk takers. This entrepreneurial spirit is still alive today, and each of us must go out of our way to ensure its continued growth, as our nation’s small-business owners are truly the backbone of our country,” said Joseph.

In cadence with DollarDays’ support of small business, Joseph shares a fresh, reflective insight about the critical role small business plays in America via his most recent Huffington Post article, “Is Entrepreneurship Dead?” This article complements the sentiment behind DollarDays’ February $5,000 merchandise giveaway, “Pay It Forward,” designed to help small businesses launch or expand. Anyone can nominate a small business in their area by visiting DollarDays’ Facebook page.

Each month, DollarDays gives away $5,000 in merchandise to nonprofits or small businesses with the mindset of giving back to the hardworking people who are truly the strength of our nation’s economy. 

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