DollarDays Wants to Help You Help a Family in Need Anonymously

“During the holidays, we see an outpouring of thoughtfulness to those who are less fortunate, but what about after the holidays, when the outpouring of good intention ends?

“Unfortunately, the holidays are not the only time families need help. It’s 12 months a year—there are always families in need. Some families have had their breadwinner [or breadwinners] out of work for months, taking its toll on family finances. Others have had medical emergencies. There are many situations that can put a family in need, and, as you might imagine, there are many families who don’t reach out for help at all, and often, they are the ones who suffer the most.

“That’s why DollarDays is anonymously giving away $5,000 in merchandise this month to people and families who could use a hand. To support this suffering segment of our population, we, as a nation, must come together, and this giveaway is DollarDays’ way of giving back,” said DollarDays’ CEO, Marc Joseph. 

Joseph just authored a Huffington Post article about what happens to a person or family when unemployment benefits are depleted, both short- and long-term. It’s a devastating tale and paints a realistic picture regarding the domino effect of unemployment. The article is also the catalyst for DollarDays’ March $5,000 giveaway, where merchandise will be dispersed to families in need who are anonymously nominated by you. DollarDays will be giving one $2,000, one $1,000, one $500 and 15 $100 shopping sprees.

We all know that the most vulnerable part of our society is going to be in real trouble for the next several years, especially with what we have been seeing out of Washington recently. It’s time for all of us to look around in our own backyard and be a good neighbor. Whatever each of us can do to pay it forward to help others just might cause a ripple effect that will help those in need pull through these difficult times.

This is the time for businesses to step up and chip in. We know nonprofits tirelessly help 12 months a year, but if you’re unemployed or needing help, no day is a holiday. Let’s do what we can to help others, and entering the DollarDays $5,000 merchandise giveaway by visiting DollarDays’ Facebook page is a good start.

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