DollarDays Redesigns Its Site, Records a 12% Bump in Average Order Value

DollarDays rolled out a redesigned website in July, and a four-week review shows a roster of positive results: an 81% decrease in bounce rate, 24% more customer registrations, a load time four times faster than the old site, and a 12% increase in average order value, the company says.

“In addition to improving the website’s load speed and general appearance, DollarDays improved its mobile accessibility,” says Marc Joseph, CEO. “One of our most significant changes was in our mobile presence. Resound Creative designed the site in a manner that allows for responsive viewing, which means our site will resize itself to adapt to any type of device, whether it’s a smartphone or a tablet.”

Last December, the company hired Resound Creative, a Tempe, Arizona-based web-design firm, to create a redesign strategy focused on user experience and customer satisfaction. The site redesign project included an evaluation of each marketing vendor and technology tools the company used and led to engaging new marketing vendors. Names of those companies were not disclosed.

DollarDays was founded in 2001 as a closeout and overstock wholesaler and now warehouses more than 300,000 products, from toys and household décor to apparel, electronics and seasonal merchandise. It originally targeted small retailers but has expanded its customer base. “What was once a strictly B2B space is now wide open for not only businesses, but nonprofits and consumers,” Joseph says. Registration is free and required to access product details and pricing.

DollarDays plans to continue using social media for a monthly merchandise giveaway. A $5,000 monthly merchandise donation on Facebook targets causes such as education, homelessness, animal welfare, eldercare, teachers and students. “We have connected with a community of over 210,000 on Facebook that is likeminded. They respond to helping others and nominate teachers, shelters, schools, etc., to win the monthly giveaways,” Joseph says.

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