DollarDays Doubles Donations to 10%

DollarDays, the premier online wholesaler and closeout company focused on helping small businesses and nonprofits by offering a selection of over 300,000 wholesale products, is expanding its giving efforts this month. The wholesaler is known for donating 5% of every purchase to charities and nonprofits. In an unprecedented move, DollarDays is doubling all donations to 10% during March.

DollarDays’ social mission to help communities is a core component of the company’s identity. The wholesaler is a national supplier to charitable organizations such as the Salvation Army, [the] American Humane Association and Kiwanis International. DollarDays also hosts monthly Facebook contests to gift $5,000 in merchandise to a wide range of worthy causes.

The socially conscious spirit of the company is underscored by its commitment to nonprofits catering to causes such as education, children, animal welfare and homelessness. Nearly half of the company’s customers are comprised of public schools and other nonprofits. Shelters often turn to DollarDays, which is the country’s largest online wholesaler, for wholesale supplies. In an effort to give back to those customers, DollarDays’ Facebook contest this month is focused on shelters.

“It’s been a particularly difficult winter throughout the country. Shelters are struggling to keep the less fortunate clothed and fed,” said DollarDays’ founder and CEO, Marc Joseph. “By donating $5,000 to 18 shelters this month and increasing our donations to 10% on every order, we hope to alleviate the additional hardships faced recently and provide shelters with support they might not otherwise receive.”

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